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2020 Aspirations

Awww you guys, happy ALMOST 2020!! 


What a  frickin’ YEAR. This time of year makes me so nostalgic and reflective of everything that’s happened (which is the case for most of us!!). Sometimes it truly feels like multiple years happened in the same year with everything we go through and experience. I wanted to compile a list of aspirations going into 2020 to share and hopefully inspire others!  I know people throw shade for “new years resolutions” and all of that but there IS something to be said about taking time to reflect, manifesting goals and creating aspirations for your next season of life. I love the word "aspirations" because it feels so much more positive in connotation than resolutions and I LOVE the intention of aspiring and working towards a better “you” - whatever this means to you.


Buuuut before I list off some of my aspirations, I wanted to quickly share some of my favorite moments from 2019. Here they are: making a home in Berlin with my love and finding so many dang cute places to explore/eat/drink like The Greens Berlin, working and getting into more creative outlets, doing more yoga (sometimes featuring my adorable dog), a seriously amazing and semi-spontaneous trip to Morocco with the best humans, seeing family this summer in France, backpacking southern Germany with ZERO planning in at some beautiful national parks and feeling like i’m in the sound of music, going on a BEAUTIFUL road trip through California and visit amazing remote hot springs and seeing friends along the way, went on the sweetest belated anniversary trip to this tiny adorable town in Mendocino county (blog post coming soon!), starting and launching this blog (YAY!), launching honey & the moon shop (YAAAAAY! This was a big one!!), and finally starting an amazing, open-ended backpacking trip in Southeast Asia which I’m currently on and you can follow my journey on Instagram. OH and swimming with whale sharks!!! That was super cool.

There’s so so much more that I want to share and celebrate from this past year, but these were definitely some of the highlights! Honestly, I have been really blessed and feel and see so much color in life lately, I can only imagine where this momentum will take me. I have so so soooo many goals for 2020 and they are quietly manifesting in my little journal that I carry with me everywhere (I love making lists and seriously always have a tiny journal with me). Instead of listing them all out here, I’ve decided to focus on a short list themes that are part of my goals/aspirations for 2020!



The last few years have been a lot of shifts and changes, and I’m all for it (unpopular opinion, but ya know!), but this last year has really been THE year of all things new, unexpected and seeing how I’ve handled them. I’m a pretty positive person, if you know me, and I always try to make the best of every and any situation and that is something I really want to push for more and more in my life. I really resonate with the mentality that situations are all about your perspective and how you handle them (and yeah obviously some stuff is awful and sucks) but how you take it and come out of it makes all the difference for yourself and those around you. There’s so much that we can do for ourselves, and I hope to embrace everything in flow and see where this life takes me. It’s really invaluable to be able to go through life’s obstacles and see the humor and tries through it all.

More Yes

Mmmm. Yes. yes. YES. The more I open myself to things, the more opportunities it creates for adventure, learning, new relationships, creating, new new new and seizing the frickin’ day! I’ve really found a lot of love for life over the years, and saying yes/being more open has helped me discover new things (some even passions), and ultimately I never regret new adventures, whatever that looks like. All of that being said, I feel like I need to disclaim to use your best judgement and do what feels best for you! Saying no is okay and setting boundaries is good for you and others. I guess what I’m saying with this is rather than always saying no, living in fear/potential judgement from yourself/others, taking opportunities as they come can lead you on beautiful paths and know that so much is in your control and very very few things in this life are irreplaceable (family, love, happiness, experiences, life) so make the most of it.


Being more and more mindful of boundaries, making clear time for things I’m interested in and people I want to spend time with, being more aware of reducing space for negativity (negative talk, negative thinking) in my life. When you’re more mindful and intentional in your words, thoughts and actions for yourself, you’re inherently more mindful of others. Read that again. This one is obvious but each stage of life presents newness in challenges/obstacles/considerations and continuing to take time to be mindful is a great investment in yourself.


 These new year’s aspirations aren’t anything groundbreaking, but I feel that there is so much to learn from strong foundations and up-keeping them. 2019 was so FULL; a year full of adventure, firsts and the unexpected. I can hardly believe everything that I’ve accomplished in this past year and if I were to use a word to describe what kind of energy/momentum I want to give to 2020, it’d be to manifest and dream bigger than I think is possible. You really owe it to yourself. 

    With all of that said, I truly believe that everyday is a new day. We are more in control of things than what we allow ourselves to be in control of. Maybe writing down your goals and aspirations is only necessary once a year, or maybe multiple times, or whatever it be. Don’t ever get in the way of yourself working towards your goals and aspirations. Every day we wake up and have a choice to do the best we can and make the most of it. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and thank you for supporting me on this blogging journey/instagram/Honey & The Moon shop, for natural dyes and handmade gemstone jewelry. 


All my love,


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