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About Me


I'll be sharing on my shop, Honey & The Moon, natural dyes & handmade gemstone jewelry. You can checkout my shop here.

My name is Chloé and I am the person behind Honey & The Moon. This blog and online shop are a place for me to catalogue my passions, stories, and endeavors. Thank you for reading and being here.

A little about me:

  • Honey & The Moon is blog & online store. On my blog I share everything from lifestyle to adventure, and on my shop I sell botanically hand-dyed and handmade goods, as well as handmade jewelry

  • I'm in my mid-twenties

  • I grew up in California in a French household - I'm a first generation American and French was my first language.

  • I have a dog named Biscuit. I rescued him about three years ago. He's a sweetheart & has so much love to give.

  • I just spent the last year living in Berlin and left backpacking through Asia with my love and am now in California in the midst of COVID-19.

  • Some things I love: spending time with loved ones, tea, plants, yoga, Biscuit (my dog), adventuring, camping,  backpacking, photography, creating, pottery, tea (did I say that already?). All in the likes. All things cozy. So many things I could write here but these are a few.

I allows loving connecting with people (whether it be through the form below or on Instagram), and would love to learn more about you. Send me a message for all inquiries, business and personal. Thank you for reading & enjoy!

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