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Room Refresh

I'm a firm believer in making your own space a personal retreat. A place where you find comfort, happiness and safety. Over the last little bit of time I've been slowly but surely making some changes to my room with the help of my partner, and below are some photos to show you what I've been up to. It's been a process and I hope you'll enjoy the progress thus far.


This is a photo of what it looked like prepping my room to be repainted. Everything was shoved into the middle of the room and covered in tarps. I don't have any photos of what my room looked like before, but in this photo you can see that my room used to be a pretty intense color, rose plum. This was a color I had picked out when I was younger and it ONLY took three coats of paint to cover it up. Oof.


    This shot was taken with the new paint from a similar angle to the photo above. I am IN LOVE with this new found lighting. The color is similar to an ivory, which gives off a subtle yellow undertone, making the room feel warmer (yay!). My room doesn't naturally get a ton of light throughout the day, and with the old color it would get dark pretty early, so this color change is very welcomed!

    I added curtains to my windows that are semi-opaque, which allows me to wake up to natural lighting every morning. I noticed I feel better and less tired throughout the day. Anyone else feel drowsy from black out curtains/shutters?    

I bought a carpet made of 100% wool, handmade and dyed in Morocco. So beautifully designed and ties the room so well. I added some blankets (the chunky knitted one was made me!!! so proud) and some throw pillows to the bed for a more cozy feeling. Lastly, I mounted a shelf above my bed (securely fastened because I live in California and we experience earthquakes) where I have plants that drape over the shelf and toward the headboard. I love how it looks and how you can endlessly switch up your display.

    I've added a ton of plants all over the room and having some kind of connection to nature in your personal space is very important to me. This part of the room still needs some finishing touches but the changes are so positive, I've noticed I feel so much happier just walking through the door and entering my space.

    Almost all of the plants were potted in pre-existing pots that we had around the house. I'm really happy to be able to use what we have and repurpose them, as they were otherwise not in use.

    I added some plants in my room that have pink leaves, like this pink polka dot plant (hypoestes phyllostachya). A couple fun facts about this plant:

1. it is native to Madagascar and 2. they produce these beautiful tiny purple flowers during their seasonal cycle. 





This beautiful monstera was a cutting gifted to me by my partner's mother. The original plant is around 30 years old, which is incredible. I hope that one day I'll have a plant survive for that long. I can only imagine all of the life this plant has seen and I hope to continue its legacy.

I recently bought a cute woven basket and placed different throw blankets to add some color to the room. I really like the versatility of this kind of basket. Use it as a laundry hamper or storing yoga mats with blocks or other workout equipment - the opportunities are endless.


A little detail shot of my wreath.

This is my dog, Biscuit. He loves to stretch himself out and roll all over the rug. He has the sweetest heart. This photo is him napping on the rug in my room, wearing a naturally dyed and hand-sewn bandana (all done and made by yours truly) for honey & the moon shop. Bandanas will be available soon on my online shop, for humans and pups!


Biscuit being a sweet bean and posing for me, wearing a naturally dyed and hand-sewn bandana (all done and made by yours truly) for honey & the moon shop. These, along with other like items, will be available soon on my online shop!

Thanks for reading this post, especially if you've made it this far. This is really just a place to document the changes and hopefully offer some ideas for others!

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