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Maison Miel is a natural-living focused home and wellness business based in Big Sur, CA. French & first-generation American, founder Chloé (she/her) wanted to create a business rooted in natural products that are good for you and the Earth. As part of our efforts to lower our impact, and to emphasize the importance of having a relationship rooted in regeneration and reciprocity, one tree is planted with every order.


Maison Miel means “House of Honey” in French. It is an hommage to my late grandmother, Anne-Marie, who was a prolific botanist, beekeeper, scientist, herbalist and more, and as well an ode to my heritage and upbringing. 

You can check out our shop for beautiful pieces and follow our journey on Instagram


All my love x

 Chloé x Maison Miel

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